Statistical Reasoning and Scientific Error

Official conference hashtag #SciError19

Statistical reasoning pervades experimental research, but how to apply it is a longstanding issue of debate in philosophy and science. Recent studies that reveal a high prevalence of error and lack of reproducibility in published research highlight the urgency of developing sound foundations of statistical reasoning, and finding techniques for detecting and correcting scientific error. So much the more as scientific error undermines the epistemic authority of science, and the degree to which policy-makers trust scientific experts.

The conference brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers interested in issues of statistical reasoning and scientific error. It focuses on the foundations of statistical inference, how statistical reasoning is applied in the sciences, how statistical inference can correct scientific error and which proposals for reforming scientific method (including restructuring the peer review and publication system) can increase the reliability of published research.

The conference is a joint event of the Munich-Sydney-Turin conference series in philosophy of science and the workshop series “Perspectives on Scientific Error”. Previous editions of these workshops can be consulted here (PSE1, Tilburg 2017) and here (PSE2, Groningen 2018).

Financial and logistic support from the European Research Council (ERC) through Starting Grants No. 639276 (“Philosophy of Pharmacology”) and No. 640638 (“Making Scientific Inferences More Objective) and the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.

Dates and Deadlines

12 May: Submission Deadline extended
20 May: Notification of Acceptance
15 June: Registration deadline (for the conference dinner on 2 July)
1-4 July: Conference